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RIDERS (2017)

Inspired by Archie Burnett's quote "if I can't dance anymore....well then I'll just have to remember", Riders is my interpretation of dancers' journey and the traces it leaves in both our mind and body.

Original concept produced by Dominique Sophie

Directed by Mat Rich

Music : 'Riders on the Storm' written and performed by The Doors
Re-mix + additional instrumentation by Tom Jarvis

Dancers : Dominique Sophie, Emmanuel "Bourrik" Septier, Jason Shipley-Holmes

Choreography (duet) :Dominique Sophie et Jason Shipley-Holmes

Hair & make up (duet) : Ariane Coulombe Jean

Special thanks : Normand Sarrazin, Nedge "Blak Kat" Valme,Emmanuel "Bourrik" Septier


Dedicated to Christian Sarrazin

Final clip from the documentary "Check your body at the door"

Created in part while in studio residency at the M.A.I. 

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