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Montreal based dancer, choreographer and teacher specialized in urban dance, with proficiency in House Dance and Waacking. Inspired to explore movement, create performances, build events, and share expertise.


Choreography Work


  • Mom's Spaghetti Redux (working title), choreographer, Tangente, Montreal, in creation

  • Mom's Spaghetti, choreographer and dancer for 100lux Festival, 5ieme salle, Montreal, 2019

  • Choreographer and movement coach for Caracol’s concert tour, Montreal, 2018

  • Riders, choreographer, artistic director and dancer, video-dance project, Montreal, 2017

  • Choreographer and movement coach for Annie Samathat’s video Atlantis, Montreal, 2017

  • Tout’seulensemble, co-choreographer and dancer with Nubian Néné for 100lux Festival, 5ieme salle, Montreal, 2015

  • Vamp, choreographer and dancer, Danses Buissonnières_Classe 2015, Tangente, Monument National, Montreal, 2015

  • Theo Parrish live tour, co-choreographer and dancer, 17 cities European Tour, June-July 2014

  • Slow Dance, choreographer and dancer, Festival <<On Occupe le bain St-Michel>>, Bain St-Michel, Montreal, 2013

  • Church, choreographer and dancer, video-dance project, Pisces Virgo Rising Productions, New York, 2012


Performance Work

  • Gene Tellem, music video for N'YOU, dancer, 2020

  • Side B, guest artists for research lab and performance curated by EbnFloh at CCOV, dancer, 2019 

  • Musée d’art contemporain, gala, choreography by Samantha Shayla Hinds, dancer, 2019

  • XP MTL : Metro Sessions, dance and choreographer, excerpt of  « Mom’s Spaghetti », Montreal, 2019

  • Pride 2018, Scène Casino de Montréal, choreography by Kdn, dancer, Montreal, 2018

  • Gaz Metro, Énegir, social media ad, Montreal, 2018

  • Articien, choreography by Nedge “Black Kat” Valme, dancer, Club Soda, Montreal, 2016

  • FTA, choreography Axelle Munezero and Sasha Kleinplatz, dancer, Quartier Général du FTA, Montreal, 2016

  • Wiggle, choregraphy by Leah McFly, dancer, Never Apart, Montreal, 2016

  • 100 lux, Résonance, Choreography by Marvin Baptiste, dancer, 5ieme salle, Montreal, 2015

  • Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Jungle Fire concert, dancer, New York, 2015

  • Ladies of Hip Hop festival, choregraphy by Nubian Néné, dancer, Alvin Ailey Theatre, New York, 2015

  • Nate Ruess, Great Big Storm, music video, 2015

  • Jason Shipley-Holmes & Ida Toninato, Inside_Dream, dancer, Sala Rossa and McGill University, Montreal, 2013 

  • Les Filles Föllen, La Fatigue, dancer, Festival Zone HOMA and La Elástica, Montreal, 2013

  • Kevin Saunderson and Inner City, The Creators of Techno party, dancer, Detroit, 2012

  • Malik Alston at the Movement Festival, dancer, Detroit, 2012

  • Carmen Caceres Dance Action, dancer, Movement Research and Triskelion Arts, New York, 2011-12 

  • Kinematik Dance Theatre, dancer, Insekta, Performance Project at University Settlement, New York, 2012

  • MADE, Typographic Ballet, choreographer Mikel Aristegui, performer, Berlin, 2010


Competition Battle  – Judge

  • Hip Hop You Don't Stop, Montreal, 2019

  • Shut up and dance, Montreal, 2016

  • The Blueprint House Competition, Houston, TX, 2014

  • Double Down All-Style Competition, Detroit, MI, 2014


Competition Battle

  • The Blueprint House Competition, semi-finalist, Houston, TX, 2018

  • Da Reunion, winner, Montreal, 2016

  • The Blueprint House Competition, winner, Houston, TX, 2013

  • Battle Danse contact, winner, Montreal, 2013

  • House vs. Hip Hop (2), finalist, Montreal, 2013


Teaching experience

  • Independent class, House Dance teacher, Montreal, 2014 - present

  • Imperium Dance Studio, House Dance teacher, Montreal, 2015 - 2019

  • Intelligent Movement, House Dance teacher, Espace Sans Luxe, Montreal, 2017 

  • House Dance workshop :

    • 2020 : Stephanie Décourteille, Rebelles & Vagabons

    • 2019 : Cirque du Soleil, Imperium Dance Studio,  Montreal,

    • 2018 : Stephanie Descourteille, Centre communautaire Côte des Neiges, Equilibrium

    • 2017 : Dance Kool, Sydney, Australia, Studio A2, Sherbrooke, 

    • 2016 : MVT 840, UQAM,

    • 2014 : Hardcore Detroit, Detroit,

    • 2011 : Groove Nation Performing Art Center, Portland



  • Conseil des Arts de Montréal, Résidences de création pour la relève artistique en danse, Montréal 2020

  • Diss Torsion, Résidence de création, Montréal 2019

Event production

  • Tap Water Jam, dance events & battle, co-creator, producer, New York (2011-12), Montreal (2016 – present)



  • Gallatin School of Individualized Studies, New York University, New York City, 2009 - 2012

      Master of Arts in Dance research, performance and production

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