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Montreal based dancer, choreographer and teacher.


As a dancer and artist, Dominique Sophie naturally gravitates towards vernacular and social dance forms because she value their expressiveness and creativity. Her dance training began with Lindy Hop and Tango but in 2006, after discovering House dance, her journey took a definitive shift towards street dance. With initial training in Montreal with Irvin "Dazl" St. Louis and Marvin Baptiste, in 2007, Dominique Sophie moved to New York City to fully immerse herself in House culture. She discovered not only the pioneers of this dance (Dance Fusion and MOPTOP), with whom she continued her training, but also New York’s clubbing community. 


It is within this context of learning both in clubs and in studios (Peri Dance Center, NYC), that Dominique Sophie's artistic vision developed. In 2009, to further her artistic approach, she started a Masters degree at the Gallatin School at NYU, in research, creation and production in dance.


As a choreographer, Dominique Sophie has presented works at the festival "On Occupe le bain St-Michel" (2013),  Tangente’s Danses Buissonnières (2015), and at the festival 100lux (2015, 2019). Dominique Sophie presented her first full length show, Shitshow, at Tangente in October 2023. In the summer of 2014, Dominique Sophie was also co-choreographer and dancer the European tour of legendary Detroit producer Theo Parrish. 


Dominique Sophie performed for choreographer Carmen Carceres and Kinematik Dance Theater Company in New York, as well as danced at MADE in Berlin and at the Movement Festival in Detroit. Since returning to Montreal in 2012, she has worked for choreographers Jason Shipley-Holmes, les Filles FOLLEN, Nubian Néné, Leah McFly, Marvin Baptiste, Nedge Valme, Axelle Munezero and Sasha Kleinplatz. 


On a consistent basis, she attend classes and workshops to continue and diversify her training both in Montreal and abroad. Dominique Sophie teaches workshops and also produces a series of events, by the name of Tap Water Jam, to create a space for dancers and DJs to come together for the sake of House culture.

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